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"Thank you for a fantastic book. It has been an inspiration for my wife and I who come from Zambia and have lived with AIDS in our families for years. I am glad that I overcame my initial concern that the book would be another depressing reminder of family members lost. Instead, it was an uplifting journey of hope lived through the lives of others."
Samuel Munzele, Maimbo, Zambia

"I have just bought the book and I am quite fascinated by the stories of hope, courage and love. I have been recently diagnosed with HIV at the age of 26 and I just cannot express how the book has helped me in trying to come to terms with the disease. Big up!"
Alicia [Withheld], South Africa

"Je suis journaliste de formation et je viens de réaliser un film documentaire sur la vie des PVVIS au Gabon, qui s’apelle “Accroches-toi!” Il faut dire qu'avant de réaliser ce film, je militais dans la vie associative au Gabon car il y a 10 ans j'ai perdu une amie du Sida. Elle vivait le deni en n'acceptant pas son statu. Elle est morte à 29 en laissant deux orphélins! J'ai gardi ses enfants pendant des mois puis j'ai crée une association avec des amis. Cette association s'appelle Espoir Pour Les Enfants et nous nous occupons des enfants concerné par le Sida. Je voudrais vraiment remercier de tout coeur Mme Nolen pour ce magnifique travail, moi qui suit dans la lutte contre le Sida. Il y a beaucoup d'informations que je n'avais pas au sujet de la maladie dans notre continent.
Pauline Mvele, Gabon

"In your one book, you manage to cover all of the important issues while weaving them into the lives of real people, with whom you clearly had strong relationships. When I think about all the risk factors, and issues, and challenges for people coping with this illness, I cannot think of one that you missed. But you did it in such a readable and touching way as to make the book accessible to anyone."
Ellen Block, Mokhtlong, Lesotho

"Thank you very much for a book that brought me to tears and shrieking anger. I grew up in Swaziland and returned in February 2007 after 20-plus years. It was heart-wrenching to see young Swazis with the ‘concentration camp’ look that I saw on young gay men here in Vancouver in the 1980s. "
Caprice Barbour, Canada

"I read your book and was completely moved by the stories of courage and hope amongst others. I was able to identify with a lot of the individuals in the book and it encouraged me to view my life and that of others from a very different perspective altogether. I have recommended the book to everyone I know because I believe that it should be read by all who can."
Angelina Namiba, National African HIV-Prevention Program, United Kingdom

"Fantastic work you did. I sincerely hope many people read it, and will begin to understand that we cannot stand by and watch any longer."
Tina Vanbeveren, Belgium

"Thank you for writing a book that truly touched my heart and opened my eyes. I attended an AIDS conference last year at my church (Saddleback Valley Community Church). It was at the conference that I started to understand how gigantic the AIDS epidemic is globally. It was a couple of months later that I stumbled upon your book in a Barnes & Noble. I found each person you interviewed so courageous. In the middle of every one of the 28 stories, I felt as though I knew that person. I wish I could thank each person for sharing their courageous stories. The story that had me in tears from start to finish was Moleen Mudimu. I am close to her age and marveled at the love she shared with her husband and for her children. After reading her story in particular my heart was deeply saddened, and I cried because I knew I could not directly save her and her family. I knew it was time to take action any way I could. I am now committed to giving to the grassroots organizations you mentioned in your book. My mom is reading the book next. It is my goal to have a permanent empty space on my bookshelf, due to the fact someone has borrowed the book!."
Kendra Kofron, USA

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