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How do I help from home?

There are many good organizations working to help bring attention to the pandemic and influence policy to fight it. The Doctors Without Borders Access to Essential Medicines Campaign, http://www.accessmed-msf.org for example, or Debt, AIDS, Trade Africa (DATA) www.data.org have good suggestions on how you can raise awareness on important issues such as access to AIDS treatment and the impact of unfair trade laws.

Write or call your government representative to talk about funding levels for the fight against AIDS – how much has your country given the Global Fund? How much did it promise – did it deliver? What percentage of GDP does your country give to foreign aid – are you reaching the target of 0.7 per cent? Does your country have outstanding debts from African countries, who are paying off those loans instead of hiring nurses? Does your government subsidize farmers – such as cotton or rice growers – who then dump their subsidized products in Africa, making it impossible for local farmers to earn a living? Does your government allow African countries to export consumers goods to your country without prohibitive tariffs? These are the questions to ask, and the kinds of policy changes that will make a difference in Africa.